MoMaMo! explained


Our initiative entitled Motivation Makes the Move! (MoMaMo!) aims to decrease sedentary lifestyle and obesity, and their health consequences. To this end, we will develop and validate lasting and individualized IT- and mHealth-assisted behavior change methodologies and best practices for citizen engagement in health, wellbeing and prevention of diseases. This will be based on strengthened holistic evidence and improved knowledge about individuals’ behavior related to wellbeing, disease prevention and management.

We will focus on physically inactive overweight/obese men and women, who, due to their life habits are in danger of excluding themselves permanently outside physically active life style, and who are with or at elevated risk for chronic diseases and complications due to their life habits.

Although the solution to the growing epidemic of life style-induced diseases sounds simple – exercise more and make healthier food choices – it is difficult for many people to adopt such healthy habits. Despite awareness of unhealthy lifestyle and perceived susceptibility of disease, overweight individuals are more likely to drop out of the course and little is known about how best to change sedentary behavior in adults. Targeted, individualized approaches are required as, despite major efforts, physical inactivity has remained a health problem that has not been largely affected by mass communications.
Thus, the present project aims to reduce polarization by providing knowledge on the reasons of sedentary life style, and advancing methods and means for behavioral change in healthy living in an achievable, effective and motivational way. The multidisciplinary nature of this research initiative not only provides expertise from detailed areas, but, importantly, ensures integrated and comprehensive analysis, conclusions and acts on this topic.

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