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Clinic for Sports and Exercise Medicine, Foundation for Sports and Exercise Medicine;
Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine, Clinicum, University of Helsinki

Alppikatu 2
Phone: +358 9 43 42 100
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Foundation for Sports and Exercise Medicine, its Clinic for Sports and Exercise Medicine, and the Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine, Clinicum, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki together form a multiprofessional Center in capital Helsinki area.
The Center executes high-level research, education and service in sports and exercise medicine, and exercise physiology. The mission of the Center is to enhance and use scientific knowledge on acute and chronic exercise responses to individualize exercise prescription in prevention and treatment of diseases, and in providing guidelines for safe, effective and personalized exercise training in persons ranging from patients to elite athletes. The Center collaborates with international and domestic universities, institutes, health and sports organizations, and private enterprises.
The research focus is on 1) Cardiorespiratory exercise responses in health and disease, and during environmental stress; 2) Metabolic diseases and exercise; 3) Prevention of exercise injuries and athletes’ prescreening.
For athletes, recreational exercisers and patients, the Center offers doctor’s appointments (specialists in sports and exercise medicine, clinical physiology and cardiology), clinical tests at rest and during exercise, advanced physical performance/fitness testing and dietician’s appointments.


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Anne Punakallio,  Specialized Research Scientist, Docent; Sirpa Lusa, Senior Research Scientist, Docent, Quantified Employee, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

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Emotion Tracker

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is the most important publicly funded expert organisation for financing research, development and innovation in Finland.
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HUR Labs

is a leading vendor of equipment for testing of human performance. Our main products are balance testing and training equipment, jump testing equipment and strength testing equipment.
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Nukute Oy, a Finnish innovative company developing a novel, cost effective technology to pre-screen and assist in treatment of Obstructive Sleap Apnea patients.

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Our main business field is nutrition analysis services for professionals and consumers. The main product is nutrient-density-based nutrition analysis software, Nutri-Flow®. We are developing the product for global markets. Development and research work is focused on nutrition and advanced calculation methods, e.g., fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms. The research work is done at academic level.